Lieve mensen,

Wij willen iedereen bedanken voor de lieve woorden, steun en betrokkenheid bij het overlijden van Hélène. We hebben de berichten op deze site ervaren als zeer liefdevol, warm en emotioneel.

Hélène is/was erg trots op deze site en heeft met veel passie en toewijding al haar avonturen op deze site gezet. Het doet ons (en haar) goed om te merken hoeveel mensen haar verhalen bijhielden en volgden.

Favoriet citaat Hélène: Wees jezelf er zijn al zoveel anderen…

Dear all,

We want to thank everybody for their kind words and support after the death of Hélène. All these warm and heartfelt messages meant a lot to us.

Hélène is/was very proud of this site and wrote with a lot of passion and dedication. It is nice for us (and Hélène) to see how many people followed her travelstories.

Hélène's favourite quotation: Be yourself there are plenty of others..

 Peter, Marian, Piet & Gerda, Ceciel & Johan, Teun & Ties, Aleece & Craig,

Pieter-Jan & Sabrina en Gabby & Claudia

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Janalyn 22-01-2010 23:26

to my ever so beautiful little Dutch girl.How you impacted on our lives here in Baralaba! you and i had a connection the moment we met,and we shared so many thoughts and reflections together... and a few little secrets as well.I hope you are flying high where ever you are my friend.. i hope your singing at the top of your voice and you will be smiling, that i know.. I miss you, oh how i miss you!! I hate that you dont come running through my front door yelling out "Janalyn" anymore to tell me something exciting... your whole life was one big bucket full of excitement that you loved sharing with me... thankyou darling for all the wonderful stories that i still read everyday on this site.. and thankyou for the many many hours that i was lucky enough to spend with you.. I love you, i always will and your candle will burn for you for as long as i can light a match... Every shooting star is you building bridges,Rest easy my little one.. sadly missed by so many. always Janalyn.

coralie 25-01-2010 08:55

dutchie,sometimes i just can't handle the thought of you not being here anymore,i have to make up my own little stories about what you and hayley are up too up there,i know you's will be having a great laugh about all the tihing that you's said and done in this life time,i hurt so bad at the moment....for the last 2 years you were my rock,now there is noone who could ever take your place or fill your shoes,i could talk to you about everything and i knew you would hold it close to you chest.....i so wish that we could have done more to help you get a sponsership,if only those lotto numbers came in.i hurt for Aleece as i know the suffering she is going through losing her sister as carly is still in so much pain a lot of people don't understand what it's like to lose a daughter and a sister,well f ya my sdoor is alwAYS OPEN FOR YOU SO WHEN YOU ARE READY PLEASE COME FOR A VISIT,IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY,TAKE CARE UP THER AND ALL OUR LOVE GOES TO YOU FAMILY IN HOLLAND AND TO PETER IN NZ I HOPE TO SEE THEM ALL REAL SOON,WE WILL HAVE A CHOP AND A STUB TOMORROW ON OZZIE DAY FOR YOU AND MAKE A TOAST TO THE MOST AMAZING AUSSIE DUTCH GIRL I HAVE EVER MET,CHEERS MATE FROM YOUR AUSSIE PERTH FAMILY X X X X X

wanda 26-01-2010 22:23


Bedankt voor een mooie tijd!

En voor de familie Heel veel sterkte met dit grote verlies!

Wanda (oud klasgenoot)

Henriëtte 27-01-2010 01:18


Vandaag kreeg ik pas mee dat je niet meer tussen ons bent. Ben best wel ondersteboven van dit bericht, ook al hebben we elkaar al jaaaaaren niet meer gezien.

Toen je geboren werd was ik dik bevriend met Helma en we kwamen vaak bij jullie thuis in de Papenbeek. We hebben ook vaker bij jullie opgepast. Als ik het me goed herinneren ging je pas heel laat lopen. Je schoof overal heen op je billetjes, hahaha.
De reisverslagen doorbladerend, ben je toch wel zo'n beetje overal gekomen. Wanneer ik je foto's bekijk en ze goed intrepeteer, denk ik dat je heel gelukkig bent geweest.

Voor de familie en iedereen die haar lief heeft gehad: Sterkte!!



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